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Allow us to introduce ourselves...

We are a Development Financial Institution (DFI), wholly-owned by the State Government of Sabah.
We make available a wide range of financial and non-financial services in order to foster a strong and healthy corporate participation in the growth of our economy, both in Sabah and Malaysia as a whole.
We embrace the idea of enhancing entrepreneurial and corporate development to provide economic dynamism and growth, particularly in Sabah.
We also act as the Financial Intermediary for the State Government of Sabah and its agencies, where our essential involvement have been in the development of infrastructure and public projects such as the construction of roads, bridges, low-cost houses, water supply and port extension projects.

To this effect, we, in SDB, are committed to support the public and private sector growth for the development of Sabah, in particular and Malaysia in general; as well as to promote the development of the State's priority sectors, namely agriculture, tourism and manufacturing.

We continue to be focused in establishing a smart partnership in any viable undertakings in fulfilling our role as a DFI with a cutting edge and that which aspires to be the leading DFI in Sabah.
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